What Happens When My Free Trial Ends In Gliffy Online?

When you first create an account with Gliffy by clicking on the "Start Free Trial" button from, we extend you a free 14 day free trial.

Your free trial acts primarily like a Gliffy Team account (the exceptions being Google Drive access, Revision History access, and Image Export functionality), and gives you access to Gliffy and to all Team shapes:

At the end of the 14 days, you can:

Upgrade your account to a Single or Team account (Login and go to Account Settings->Upgrade)


Continue to Use the Account as a Basic, Free Account

  • As noted when the flow is provided at the end of your trial, all diagrams will be marked as public if you choose to continue to utilize Gliffy as a free service. Gliffy marks all diagrams as public when a trial expires. 
  • You can still utilize and work on any diagrams within the account
  • Any diagrams created would remain in the account. Diagrams always remain in the account regardless of the status. Gliffy never moves or deletes diagrams. 


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